Before You Hire a Blogger, Read This!

You, in reality, do no longer have the time to keep fresh new content posted on your weblog, so you are going to hire a person to do that for you. Here are a few beneficial topics to consider when you are organized to choose that man or woman.

Write out a list of the paintings you want to be carried out. What are your expectancies?

The time applied writing down what you want or count on from a blogger will go a protracted manner in getting you exactly who you want. Ask yourself, what number of posts in step with a week? How much feedback to reply to? Some web page views? How approximately a minimal range of incoming links every week?

Write an activity description.

Review your written remarks from the paragraph above, then condense the one’s feedback to help you write out an activity description. Be positive to cope with the issue as to who will moderate and solution comments.

What fashion of writing do you need on your weblog?

Ask yourself what fashion you need your blogger to reap. You ought to encourage creativity and a passion for writing. You want to discover an author that is unlikely to tire of each day or weekly submit-to-post ordinary. A creative attitude will paintings wonders for your weblog.


Ask for examples of their paintings.

Ask for hyperlinks to their beyond work. Go online and read theirs beyond posts and solutions. Do those examples imitate the work contained in their written resume? If no longer, you want to ask why no longer. You want to be sure that the individual you’re handling is the equal person who clearly wrote those weblog posts. Do they write properly? Is English a 2d language for them? Does their fashion of writing satisfy the needs of your readers? It is one aspect to put up with distinctions of the English language; however, you need now not put up with negative grammar or spelling.

Good grammar and proofreading abilities are important.

You need to position up posts that your readers will find engaging. You need to have properly written unique content material. This is grammatically correct, loose from spelling mistakes, and importantly, translates like it has been written using a person who knows what they may be doing.

Is this applicant adept at the use of social media?

It would help if you appointed a familiar with AND uses social networking or social bookmarking websites. The applicant could have and have to provide to you a listing of their association with sites together with Digg, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Linked In, and/or Twitter. I recognize that my knowledge in these areas is constrained, so I want my blogger to have a full draw close to using those social media websites.

Your blogger wishes to illustrate the terrific know-how of search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization).

Ask the blogger applicant to write a paragraph on what search engine marketing way for them. Ask for his or her innovative feedback on how search engine optimization is critical to driving traffic to your weblog. Now ask them how they plan to discover readers. Ask them to read your existing weblog and comment on what they would change.


Does the applicant express enjoy the subject matter of your blog?

It would help if you discovered a blogger who is aware of your niche to maintain your blog readers engaged. The approach of “faking it until you’re making it” isn’t always going to garner you a target audience of faithful readers. And, what is a weblog without readers? Not plenty!

Don’t rent the primary man or woman who answers your ads.

I employed an author from PeoplePerHour as I turned into so enthused with their resume. Had I not hired the first man or woman who answered my advert, I ought to have had the work achieved for 1/2 the fee. Yes, you get what you pay for, but it could not constantly be the excellent deal around. Be affected a person; permit you’re running a blog process establishing populate the Internet for a few days. Reading those resumes could be an accurate experience for you. Then, do not forget to re-writing your ads.

Hire an author, no longer a blogger.

There are appropriate motives to hire a creator, not a blogger. Bloggers often damage true grammar guidelines, and their past work may replicate this tendency. Most writers can blog; no longer all bloggers can write! But preserve in thoughts; most bloggers are extra practiced at using social media! Did the blogger applicant ship a frequent model of their resume to you, or did they hassle to make it a document directed specifically at you?

Those “canned” resumes are excellent for most packages; however, they call for a better general for your use. You need to interact with a writer who will send you authentic content material. Their resume will tell you quite loads approximately the kind of creator (blogger) they profess to be.

Is the applicant able to observe commands?

Write a nonsensical requirement in the active application instructions. This is a great way to “weed out” those who are unwilling or unable to observe simple commands. From my past writing enjoyment, I recognize that non-earnings foundations will ask for an uncommon kind or font simply to a peer who is paying interest.

How do I realize what to pay my blogger?

This is a superb query! My experience shows that you get what you pay for. A $7 weblog post is ready as properly as a $12 blog submit, and neither one of them is worth a lot. Sure, if you are getting a person who’s just starting, they could do a terrific job at that price. A correct rule of thumb is that a tri-weekly weblog posting ordinary to consist of some social media interplay ought to price you about $three hundred – $four hundred USD a month, in 2011 dollars. Remember, you get what you pay for!

Should I base pay on performance?

Absolutely! If you have become a pleasing surge in internet site traffic, you’re going to want to hold on to that blogger. When you negotiate your first settlement, do so for, say, a three or six-month trial duration. After that, you can set up any extra repayment that may be warranted.


Get a duplicate of this e-book!

I very strongly endorse that you get a replica of Blogging All-in-One using Susan Gunelius. This seven-hundred-page ebook is honestly eight books in one. The author explains a lot more about hiring a blogger to appear as a professional on the problem. Of route, be sure to reserve your replica when you visit the Amazon store through the manner of my website!

You will find a diffusion of beneficial assist, guidelines, films, and extra records on blogging whilst you where the author is an internet-content material supervisor. Timothy Stolz is an expert pianist and advocates animal welfare issues from his home in Greeley, Colorado.

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